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Our firm can handle cases that involve a variety of work-related claims including:

Stress Related Injuries
Sports injuries
Repetitive Motion Injuries
catastrophic injury
spinal cord injury
workplace injury

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Mahooti Law Group

Mahooti Law Group is a workers’ compensation firm based in Los Angeles. We represent clients throughout California. Our firm is solely focused on representing injured workers.

We have experience representing wide array of cases including back and neck injuries due to accident or repetitive injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, job stress, psychological harm and catastrophic injuries.

We consider it a privilege to be a part of your journey in this challenging time in your life and work tirelessly to obtain maximum recovery possible under the law.

Contact us if you are injured on the job and are in need of knowledge and compassionate representation.

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Lila Mahooti

Meet Lila Mahooti

Lila Mahooti founded the Mahooti Law Group after working as a defense attorney for an insurance company where she litigated array of cases with varying complexity.

During her tenure as a defense attorney she realized that there was a need for compassionate and tenacious advocacy for rights of injured workers who were overwhelmed in the maze of workers’ compensation world.

After much soul searching and a whole lot of yoga she decided to start her own practice specializing in workers’ compensation serving injured workers in California.